The Stud

The Ismer Stud, idyllically situated on 200 hectare of grounds, is the largest private arabian horse stud in Europe. Approximately 60 mares and 15 stallions form the breeding stock of the stud.

The history of the Ismer family can be traced back to the 13th century. For more than 50 years the family is attached to arabian horses. The stud was founded with the purchase of the first pure bred arabian mare in the late 1950s by Rolf Ismer. His son Holger developed the stud over 40 years to its present size. Today the stud farm is managed by the third generation of the family, Dr. Nils Ismer.



By merging some of the most famous Egyptian, Polish and Russian bloodlines a successful breeding program was created and is continued with about 50 foals each year.

The daily grazing for strengthening the heart, lungs and musculoskeletal system, raising the foals in large pens and optimal feeding form the basis for healthy development. A local veterinarian is always available to ensure the best possible medical care. Countless victories throughout Europe on international shows, tournaments and races prove that the breeding goal is archived as far as possible.

In the stable of Ismer Stud you can find World-, European-, and National Show Champions and first class riding horses. Any time we are able to offer exclusive Arabian horses for shows, breeding, endurance, racing, driving and riding.